Navjivan Nature Cure Centre

Navjivan Nature Cure Centre Kutch


About The Location: This healing centre, based on naturopathic remedies and M.K. Gandhi's ideas of “nature cure”, offers treatment for a wide variety of conditions, using everything from ayurvedic and herbal remedies to panchakarma, acupuncture, meditation, prayer and yoga asanas.

On the Bhuj-Mandvi road near Punadi Patiya village, the centre also maintains 40 hectares of organic farmland on which they grow fruits, vegetables, and medicinal plants. You can contact the center at Tel: (+91) 0283 4281430.

The Treatments at the Centre are designed to detoxify and balance the body, treat the disease and improve general health. They also allow you to practice and appreciate the “Art of healthy living”.

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How to get there

  • By Road By Road Ahmedabad is 335 km from bhuj approx. driving time is 7 hours. ST buses and jeeps depart from Bhuj about every 30 min. from the central transportation area. For local excursions, jeeps can be hired in the town.

  • By Train By Train Bhuj is the closest air and rail node to Rann of Kutch.

  • By Air By Air The Rudra Mata airport at Bhuj is a small but busy node that connects Mumbai to Bhuj. The nearest airport is Bhuj. Bear in mind that an on-site guest house allows the possibility of a more leisurely experience, rather than a day trip.