Formed in 1978, the Tourism Corporation of Gujarat Ltd (TCGL) provides comprehensive travel assistance and services to the tourists coming to visit Gujarat. Some of the services of TCGL include accommodation, conducted tours and ground transport with a wide range of choice to meet diverse needs. 

Gujarat today offers a wide range of the most spectacular attractions - which includes breathtaking locations and scenic landscapes. Gujarat is also a melting pot of several civilizations resulting in a vibrant culture and a rich heritage. Gujarat is home to the unique with its exceptional archeological sites, several architectural marvels and witnesses of its glorious history and pilgrim centers for many faiths. Finally, it is also the land of several mythological and historical figures like the legendary Krishna and Mahatma Gandhi the apostle of non-violence.

The effective development in infrastructure undertaken by the Corporation has helped the State to increase the number of tourists to Gujarat. The efforts in promoting infrastructure in keeping with the spirit of the state, its people and its natural environment have won the Corporation such prestigious awards as the National Tourism Awards-2005-06 for Best Kept Tourism Monument-Champaner and Excellence in Publication (Collateral).

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Information on Gujarat Tourism Corporation's achievements:

(a) Strengthening of Public Infrastructure:

Vadnagar: Approximately Rs. 100 crores of projects have been completed in Vadnagar, including development around Sharmishtha Talav, toilet blocks, theme parks, and Tanariri Garden. Additional works such as the Inspiration School, Transport Hub Plaza, etc., are ongoing with an estimated expenditure of Rs. 50 crores.

 Saputara Lake: Development work worth Rs. 25 crores has been carried out, including musical fountains, amphitheaters, adventure parks, boating jetties, etc., to provide complete facilities to tourists around Saputara Lake

Sasangir-Devaliya Park: Facilities including an interpretation center have been completed at Sasangir-Devaliya Park for Rs. 32 crores.

 Reconstruction and conservation of Uparkot Fort (Junagadh): Reconstruction and conservation work of Uparkot Fort in Junagadh is underway for Rs. 74 crores.

Nada Bet: Border tourism development work has been completed for Rs. 125 crores, including infrastructure development.

 Nal-Thol Lake: Development work for bird sanctuaries at Nal and Thol lakes has been carried out for Rs. 60 crores, including gates, toilet blocks, theme parks, nature trails, etc.

 Mokarsagar (Porbandar): Infrastructure development worth Rs. 187.06 crores has been carried out at Mokarsagar, Porbandar, including Wetland Park, Community Zone, Keeping Ground, Sunset Point, etc.

Dholavira (Kutch): Infrastructure development worth Rs. 200 crores has been carried out at Dholavira, including roads, Main Jackson, Tents City, Craft Market, Food Court, Bhunga Resort, Amphitheater, etc.

Dhorado: Dhorado has been awarded the Best Tourism Village 2023 by the United Nations World Tourism Organization. Various events and festivals are being organized with an expenditure of Rs. 40 crores.

Kadana Dam (Mahisagar): The primary development work for Kadana Dam in Mahisagar district is underway for Rs. 25 crores.

(b) Other Attractive Developments:

 Gujarat Tourism Corporation started a Tourism Information Center in Varanasi and Ayodhya in August 2023 to provide information about tourist places in Gujarat.

The Government of Gujarat plans to build a Gujarat Tourist Bhavan in Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh. The Uttar Pradesh government will provide 6929.82 square meters of land for this purpose.

(c) Organization of Various Events:

Various events are organized throughout the year to promote local culture and showcase glimpses of culture to all age groups, including children and the elderly. These events and fairs are organized throughout the year to uphold local culture, including (1)the Kite Festival, (2) Navratri Festival, (3) Rann Utsav, and (4) International Kite Festival.

Even travel destinations host festivals and events to entertain travelers, including (1) the Monsoon Festival in Saputara, (2) Madhavpur Fair, (3) Gandhi Jayanti, (4) Megh Malhar Festival in Kevadiya, (5) Heritage Festival (including Adalaj Stepwell, Champaner, and Dholavira), and (6) the inclusion of Udavada Festival.

 With the support of district administration, various separate festivals and events are also organized, including (1) Tribal Day, (2) Dong Darbar, (3) Panch Mahotsav, and (4)Food Festiva

(d) Recent Achievements:

1) Dhordo Village won the UNWTO's Best Tourist Village award in 2023, ranking it among the top 54 tourist spots worldwide.

2) Gujarat state has moved to the first position for foreign tourists and the fifth position for domestic tourists.

3) Blackbuck National Park receives the Emerging Destination Award (Wildlife) at the India Today Survey & Awards 2023.

4) Rani Ki Vav receives the Heritage Destination Award at the India Today Tourism Survey & Awards 2023.

5) Sasan Gir receives the Wildlife Destination Award at the India Today Tourism Survey & Awards 2023.

6) Gujarat proudly holds four UNESCO World Heritage Sites, each showcasing its rich history:

  - Champaner: Listed in 2004, located in Panchmahal district, Gujarat.
  - Rani ki vav: Listed in 2014, located in Patan district, Gujarat.
  - Heritage city Ahmedabad: Listed in 2017, Gujarat.
  - Dholavira: Listed in 2021, located in Kutch district, Gujarat.

7) In 2022, Gujarat's tourism grew significantly, climbing to 12th place for foreign tourists and 9th place for domestic tourists, according to the National Tourism Statistics.

8) The number of tourists visiting Gujarat state was 152.2 million until November 2023, compared to 137.6 million in the previous year 2022.

9) The Great Rann Of Kutch receives the Iconic Landscape Award at the India Today Tourism Survey & Awards 2020.

Gujarat Tourism Opportunity Limited (GUJTOP)

Gujarat Tourism Opportunity Limited (GUJTOP) is a Special Purpose Joint Venture Company of (i) Tourism Corporation of Gujarat Limited (TCGL)(a Government of Gujarat undertaking) and (ii) Infrastructure Leasing & Finance Services Limited (IL&FS), created towards facilitation of innovative tourism infrastructure projects across Gujarat on Public Private Partnership (PPP) basis.