Mandvi Beach Kutch


About Location: 

The Mandvi beach is a stretch of golden-brown sand located at the southernmost point of Gujarat's Kutch district. It is located south of the main intersection, Bhuj. The beach is located in the same town as its name, which historically had a busy port serving India. The historic part of the town still has the fort wall from the former trading centre. The serene beach is a welcome addition for visitors to the area. Evenings are especially wonderful because of the sunset and all the activity from snack vendors to balloon vendors.

Brief History: 

At the estuary where the river Rukmavati meets the Gulf of Kutch, the Maharao of the princely state of Kutch founded this port town. It was a significant commercial hub during the time. To house the Kharva families, who were known for their expertise in crafting wooden ships, the settlement was constructed inside of a fortified stronghold. The mid-fifteenth century saw the construction of the defensive fortifications. Even though the fortress is no longer very large, parts of it can still be seen.

Main Attractions: 

Given that there are numerous water activities available here, it is also the ideal location for adventure seekers. In addition, you may go horseback riding and eat at some of the most mouthwatering food stands that are located along the beach. Its intriguing windmills and rich history are two things you definitely wouldn't want to miss.

Visiting Hours

Dawn–dusk - The best time to visit is between November and February.



How to get there

  • By Road By Road 58 kilometres to the southwest of Bhuj is Mandvi. Public and private buses connect the city with all the main Gujarati cities.

  • By Train By Train Bhuj is well linked by train. The railroad station is a part of the western railroad system.

  • By Air By Air Bhuj is well linked by air. There are numerous domestic flights from popular Indian cities from the Bhuj airport, which is located 4 km from the city.


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