Gujarat is known for its embroideries in immense variety of styles and techniques. These embroideries communicate class and uniqueness. Each style is a distinct combination of stitches, patterns and colors and rules for using them was shaped by historical socio-economic and cultural features.

Gujarat is world renowned for its enormous variety of embroideries. Most of these were traditionally stitched by rural communities, especially women. Embroideries from Gujarat are Perfect in distribution of colors, which flows from one color to another. The rich embroideries like ‘Ari’ and ‘soof’ from Banaskantha, ‘Kathipa’ , ‘Mahajan’ , Kanbi’ , ‘Rabari’ embroideries from Jamnagar, Bhavnagar, Rajkot, Junagarh regions of Saurashtra and ‘Ahir’ , ‘Mutwa’ , ‘Soof’ , ‘Neran’ , ‘Kharek’ embroideries from Kutch district are famous. In Gujarat, women not only embroider their cholis and ghaghras but also items for decorating their houses such as chaklas, Wall Hangings, Toran, Pillow Covers, Cushion Cover.


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