Saurashtra Tamil Sangamam

Saurashtra Tamil Sangamam 17th April, 2023 to 30th April, 2023


At a glance


Saurashtra Tamil Sangamam is unique exercise to facilitate a consistent and improved exchange between individuals from diverse regions and lifestyles. Saurashtra Tamil Sangamam is an initiative of the 'Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat' program, aims to preserve and promote the rich culture & heritage of Saurashtra and Tamilnadu.

Centuries ago, invasions between 600 and 1000 years ago forced numerous individuals to migrate from Saurashtra in Gujarat and establish new settlements in Tamil Nadu's districts around Madurai, now known as Tamil Saurashtrian. To facilitate a reunion with their ancestral homeland and explore aspects such as industry, handloom, education, culture, and sports, a special event has been organized. Saurashtra Tamil Sangamam is a distinctive fusion of two diverse cultures and heritage. It aims to reconnect Tamil-speaking migrants from Saurashtra with their roots and foster participation in cultural exchange between Saurashtra and Tamil Nadu.

Saurashtra Tamil Sangamam will be organized In Gujarat from 17-30 April, 2023. This event will take place at multiple locations in Gujarat such as Somnath, Dwarka and the Statue of Unity at Kevadia. The event will feature an exhibition of Tamil Nadu and Gujarat's art, culture, cuisine, handlooms, handicrafts, and more. Additionally, cultural performances, such as classical dance and music, folk music, concerts, and debates and seminars on the Ramayana and Mahabharata available in Tamil, Saurashtra, and Gujarati literature, will be held at designated locations. For more info you can visit on:


Significance of logo


The logo of Saurashtra Tamil Sangamam is a representation of the merging of the silk fabric expertise of the Tamil Saurashtrian people and the textile industry of Gujarat. The confluence of the two cultures is depicted through the Somnath temple, the place of origin of the Saurashtrians, and the Meenakshi temple near Madurai, where they settled. A young woman, posing in a dancing posture with dandiya and bharatanatyam, embodies the coming together of two art forms. The upper tricolor signifies the message of 'Ek Bharat Shrestha Bharat,' while the blue color on the lower side symbolizes the merging of the two states with the sea. To communicate its message to a wider audience, the Saurashtra Tamil Sangamam is represented in three different languages: Gujarati, the language of the host; Tamil, the language of the guest; and English, a global language.

At the conclusion of the Sangamam, people from Tamil Nadu will gain an immersive experience of Gujarat, while the people of Gujarat will learn about the cultural richness of Tamil Nadu, particularly the Saurashtra Tamils, through a healthy exchange of knowledge-sharing experiences via events, visits, and conversations.

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