At a glance

Ambaji Temple, located in the Banaskantha district of Gujarat, is a revered Hindu pilgrimage destination. It holds immense importance as one of the 51 Shakti Peethas, believed to be the place where the heart of Goddess Sati fell. Every year, during the Gujarati calendar month of Bhadarvo, Ambaji hosts the Bhadarvi Poonam Fair. This magnificent event draws over one and a half million pilgrims from various parts of Gujarat and beyond, spanning several days. A notable tradition among these devotees is embarking on the pilgrimage journey on foot, carrying sacred flags as expressions of their unwavering faith.

When & Where

The annual Bhadarvi Poonam Fair in the pilgrimage town of Ambaji, located in the Banaskantha district of North Gujarat, is scheduled to take place from September 23rd to September 29th this year. This grand event offers a range of amenities and services for visitors, including transportation, accommodation, meals, healthcare facilities, cleanliness, traffic management, parking, citywide lighting, temple visits, and security, all expertly managed by the authorities. Please visit for additional details.