Dandi March : Path to India’s Freedom


About Location: The historical events come to life as you walk down the Dandi Path. It gives a peek into Mahatma Gandhi's persona and the devotion of all volunteers.These 21 locations serve as the centre for fairs, festivals, and events on the Dandi Path, which are attended by locals, Dandi Path participants, kids, teenagers, adults, and influential persons from various walks of life.

All participants in Dandi Path, whether they are from India or elsewhere, have the unique opportunity to fully comprehend Mahatma Gandhi's inner existence and learn how to inculcate these traits for our personal upliftment.

History: Mahatma Gandhi spent his time at Sabarmati Ashram, one of the 21 historic places along the route from Ahmedabad to "Dandi." He encountered hundreds of people at each location, where he rested in the afternoon or at night. Long-term national decisions were made during the Dandi Path, which he professed to follow. He also stressed de-addiction and untouchability, met with prominent national people, organised gatherings, and promoted the usage of Khadi. The reservoir of motivational memories lies on the Dandi Path.

Accommodation: You can spend the nights at the Ratri Nivas mentioned below:

Navagam: Gandhi Ashram, Near Bus stand, Ta. Dist.: Kheda, Pin: 387540

Matar: Dandi Visamo (Gandhi Ashram), Opp. PR mill, Zora Simroad, Matar, Pin: 387530

Kankapura: Gandhi Ashram (Kankapura Dandi Yaatra), Ta.:Borsad, Dist.: Anand, Pin: 388550

Kareli: Gandhi Ashram, At Post-Kareli, Ta.: Jambusar, Dist.: Bharuch, Pin.: 391810

Ankhi: Gandhi Ashram, Near Adarsh Primary School, At Post-Ankhi, Ta.: Jambusar, Dist.: Bharuch, Pin: 392150

Amod: Gandhi Ashram, Gandhi Ashram Building, Bhimpura Road, opp. Nagarpalika At Post-Amod, Ta.: Amod, Dist.: Bharuch, Pin: 392110

Samni: Gandhi Ashram, At Post-Samni, Ta.: Amod, Dist.: Bharuch, Pin.: 392025

Mangrol: Gandhi Ashram, At Post-Mangrol,Ta.: Hansot, Dist.: Bharuch, Pin: 393030

Umrachi: Gandhi Ashram, Near Well, At Umrachi, Post-Vadali,Ta.: Olpad, Dist.: Surat, Pin: 394110

Bhatgam: Gandhi Ashram, At Post- Bhatgam, Ta.: Olpad, Dist.: Surat, Pin: 394540

Delad: Gandhi Ashram, At Post-Sayan, Delad, Ta.: Olpad, Dist.: Surat, Pin: 394120

Chhaprabhaata: Gandhi Ashram, Thaali Faliya, Chhaprabhaata Gaam, Ta.: Amroli, Dist.: Surat, Pin: 394107

Vanz: Gandhi Ashram, Opp. Kendra School, At Post-Vanz, Ta.: Choryasi, Dist.: Surat, Pin: 394230

Matwad: Gandhi Ashram, Matwad Mota Faliya, Ta.: Jalalpur, Dist.: Navsari, Pin: 396439

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  • By Road By Road Gujarat has one of the better developed road networks in India. Ahmedabad is well connected with all major cities and towns by road.State and private buses are a great option to travel between smaller towns in the state.

  • By Train Major Indian cities are also connected via the Ahmedabad railway station that lies on the western railways network.. The main railway station is located in Kalupur area. This station falls under the prominent national railway circuit and is connected to all major cities of India. India’s first bullet train project will be connecting Mumbai to Ahmedabad by December 2023. It will run at a speed of 320kmph and cover the distance in 3 hours.

  • By Air By Air Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Airport in Ahmedabad connects all major cities in India and key cities abroad to the state.


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