The Vijay Vilas Palace was built in 1906 AD by Yuvraj Vijay Sinhji of Palitana, a member of the same Gohil Rajput clan as the Maharajahs of Bhavnagar. The Vijay Vilas palace once the country retreat, of the Gohil Rajputs offers a splendid view of the Shatrunjaya hill and the historic Palitana temples which are situated at close proximity. It offers a convenient base for visiting the famous temples of Palitana and an excursion of the Palitana township. Sihor with the historic old palace of the Maharajas of Bhavnagar, featuring gardens, wall paintings and woodcarvings. Ship breaking yard at Alang.

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Po. Gheti,
Dist. Bhavnagar,

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6 acres of grounds, with 7 cottages, tennis court, stables and garages.


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