The Garden Palace Heritage Hotel at Balasinor the private residence of the Royal family of Balasinor is set amidst lush green fields and gardens and was built in 1883 by HH Nawab Mohammad Munnawar Khanji Babi, the Nawab of Balasinor.

In recent times it has been converted into a Heritage Hotel by the present ruler HH Nawab Mohammad Salabat Khan and his wife, Begum Farhat Sultana and ably run by their daughter Nawabzadi (Princess) Aliya Sultana Babi.The scion of the family, Nawabzada Saheb Sultan Salauddin Khan Babi is at present away in Bombay pursuing his own career.

The Garden Palace welcomes you to a comfortable and memorable stay- a rare experience in these parts. Come and enjoy the warm and personal hospitality of the royal family of Balasinor, relax in well appointed rooms and enjoy one of the finest cuisines. You will relish the hospitality here which will make this palace as your own HOME AWAY FROM HOME - that is exactly what the royal family wants you to feel and experience! The moment you enter into the premises, you can be assured of being pampered with the finest in comfort and cuisine.

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Palace Rd
Garden Palace compound,
Balasinor 388255, India

Contact details

Phone : 2690 267786
Email : bookingsbalasinor@gmail.com


4 guest rooms with attached bath and grand drawing hall and a beautiful dining hall.


Balasinore is 86 kms. from Ahmedabad, and is a possible stopover between Ahmedabad and the destinations of Malwa such as Mandu, Dhar, Indore and Ujjain.


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