The Bhuj House was built in 1894 by Pestonji Sorabji Bhujwala, in 'Camp' - an area located beyond the walled city of Bhuj and directly beneath the fortified Bhujia hill. The area became known as Camp when the British established suzerainty over Kutch (then a princely state) in 1819, and made it their base. Camp was shared with approximately 20 Parsi families, who they favourably engaged with on a social and economic level. There, Pestonji Sorabji also constructed Kutch's only Parsi Agiary (place of worship), which was inaugarated in 1905, and patronised by the Parsi families who resided throughout the state.  

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Opposite Camp Police Chowki
Camp Area,
Bhuj, Gujarat

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Website: http://www.thebhujhouse.com


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