This hidden gem can be found among the lower reaches of the grand Aravallis and towering over a serene lake. Shri Joraves Vilas is designed impeccably with its 1920s inspired Art Deco style with an interior which exudes an old-world charm. This palatial villa belongs to MaharanaSantrampur, and his royal family who have opened their doors to guests with the mantra of ‘atithidevobhava’.

The oasisof tranquility has been retained and the hotel offers great comfort and the ultimate royal experience. RanaSant was the first ruler of this princely state and he established the kingdom of San-trampur in 1255. Even great kings need to get away from courtly rituals and the humdrum life of a kingdom sometimes. Keeping this in mind, MaharanaSaheb Shri JoraverSinghji built Shri Joraver Vilas in 1926. The visionary king then ruled the state of Santrampur from here. The palace was built with all the modern amenities of the 20th century, creating a space that was quite personal as compared to other huge palaces of that time. Due to the Maharani’s keen eye for detail, not a room is bereft of exquisite decor. Thus this palace is a unique blend of the ancient and the new. Think antique furnishings in the bedroom but with a modern and well-equipped bathroom. What makes the place all the more enchanting is the stunning interior work but with personal touches, giving it an intimate feel. The royal family has been successful in creating an experience of regal hospitality in the haven of their stately home.

Nearby Located on the banks of Suki River, Santrampur is a culturally heightened township, which while foraying into urbanity has not lost touch with its traditional roots. Rich in the wisdom of ethnic tribal history, the town has several Tribal Haats (village markets) that you can explore a mere 10-20 km away. You could also visit rural farms, take a boat ride, marvel at the magnicent Raj Mahal or visit the JehangirkaHazira (10 km). The town is nestled in lush greenery which makes the surrounding areas perfect for a Guided nature trail or a photo walk.

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Address: Santrampur District, Mahisagar Tel: 02675-220009 Ahmedabad Tel: 079-26447075 Cell: 09824072075

Email: shrijoravervilas@gmail.com; reservations@royalsantram-pur.com



AC rooms with modern amenities along with an old-world feel, bathrooms with English fittings, meals are served buffet-style in the beautiful Kapchi Room 


Nearest airports are at Vadodara (147 km) and Ahmedabad (180 km). The nearest railway station is Godhra(73 km)


Rooms: 5 suites


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