The Orchard Palace was built as an annex of the Huzoor Palace, the family residence, in the late-19th century to host personal guests of the Maharajas. Converted into a seven-room heritage hotel, it is appointed with the 1930s and ‘40s art deco furniture, antiques and handicrafts.

 The property gets its name from the lime, chikoo and mango groves it faces to the rear. More than 80 peacocks and peahens inhabit the gardens, and a variety of other birds can be watched while walking around the grounds.

One of the highlights of the palace is the Rail Saloon of the royal family of Gondal. This saloon has been converted into a suite for a couple or a family to stay with a drawing room, dining room and bedroom, beautifully finished with inlaid wood and English washrooms with a telephonic shower.



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