The younger sister amidst the Mangaldas heritage properties in the Old City, Haveli II is a mere 150 years old and wears its youth with colourful exuberance, picking out its favourite quirky features in bold red lines, like a grandchild may adorn the nose inherited happily from the family matriarch with a more modern nosepin. A smaller, originally less ambitious family home in Gangadhiya ni Pol, the building was acquired by the Mangaldas family in 2007 and refurbished with modern flooring and colours, contemporary art that honours the 600-year-old city’s heritage. Smaller properties next door made way for a sweet little café with paved brick flooring, named ‘Pol Kholi’ (‘opensecret’), and serving street-style

snacks and juices in a casual ambience that nods to the city’s architectural moorings. Inside the accommodations, the casual mood continues with consciously modern, even trendy midcentury  modern furniture and bean bags, contrasting with the cast-iron grilles, paneled doors and coloured glass panes from an older era. Breakfast choices are more continental here, though you have the option of popping over to The House of MG for more choice. Smaller bedrooms all have a wall of east-facing windows; larger ones have access to outdoor spaces beyond the glass to courtyard or a verandah on the street side. Don’t miss the long jhoolas in the common space to one side — great for enjoying the night air of an evening in this bustling locality.

Contact Details

Location: A few minutes from

Manek Chowk

Contact Address: Gangadhiya ni Pol, via

Sakdi Sheri, near Manek Chowk,

Khadia, Ahmedabad

Tel: 079-25506946 (The House of MG)

Cell: 09727600300

Email: customercare@houseofmg.com



Nearby Mangaldas ni Haveli I is down the next lane and we highly recommend a look at its stunning wooden architecture and detailed façade.

Jama Masjid Built in 1423 by Ahmed Shah, this mosque is only half a kilometer away. This huge sandstone complex was probably the largest such in its time.

Manek Chowk night market is just five minutes away and a foodie’s paradise at night, no matter how tight your budget, and the city’s best-known bazaar by day.


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