Home base to a branch of the family behind the famous The  House of MG in the old city, about 10 minutes away, Mangalbag takes its name from its verdant setting for the Mangaldas family’s three bungalows near Parimal Gardens, in western Ahmedabad’s residential area. Two of the houses are used exclusively by the family, while the third — a 1920s building in the colonial style — houses a B&B on the ground floor. Thoughtfully furnished with plenty of vintage character and without leaning to excess, the Residency’s two rooms have en-suite bathrooms, and share a common dining and drawing area. These sit off the Gallery, which is a dynamic space made up of the two courtyards and the original dining room

of the bungalow, now given over to curated events from exhibitions to book readings, pop-ups, and concerts for up to 40 people. Cultural immersion is literally readily available on the side to all the residents! Even though close to the main road (parking is in the bylanes), the views are lush. The porch you enter the living space through, sits to one end of the house, separate from the gallery entrance, and contains a lovely jhoola for a sitout in the afternoon or early morning. Seating here and within

the common space is baithak style with divans and low upholstered benches. The dining table is reminiscent of oldfashioned cafés, with the bentwood chairs around a small round table making an intimate space. 

Contact Details

Location: Near Parimal Garden

Address: Mangalbag, opposite

World Business House, Ahmedabad


Tel: 079-25506946 (The House

of MG)

Cell: 9727600300

Email: customercare@houseofmg.com

Website: https://houseofmg.com/


Nearby The neighbourhood has three large parks; and lots of choices for eating out. Parimal Garden itself is well kept, with covered walkways and waterlily pond and fish tanks. Sanskar Kendra in nearby Paldi is worth a stop for its Le Corbusier architecture alone, but also for its kite museum, highlighting the city’s favourite hobby in this region. Law Garden Night Market in the Ellis Bridge neighbourhood is worth a stroll for local flavor even if you have no plans to purchase a Garbha skirt.


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