If you had visited MadhavBagh a few years ago, you would notrecognize it today, for that dilapi-dated palatial complex has undergone a huge about-turn to restore it to itsformer glory. Visitors can now marvel at the opulent arches and spires of this red and white structure which now nicely coexist with modern appurtenances while providing a comfortable stay.

The old ancestral mansion, dotted with gardens and courtyards, was built in the year 1892 in the Indo-Saracenic style by ShrimantMadhavraoGaekwad. The present owners ShivrajsinhGaekwad and his charming wife Indrayani have meticulously restored the mansion, spread over 2 acres.

Each of the four palatial bedrooms in the palace on offer weaves a different narrative. The Sapphire Room has an old world charm to it with its vintage blue curtains; the Turquoise Room features glittering chandeliers, elegant Victorian lamps and antique furniture, while the Coral and Ruby Rooms are a swirling kaleidoscope of color with shades of pinks, reds and corals dominating the decor.

The common area of the palace is regal history, complete with artefacts such as old photographs, refurbished furniture, lacy doilies, plush velvet chairs and even an old-fashioned wooden cabinet.

Along with being a haven of luxury, MadhavBagh has turned into a culinary destination. IndrayaniGaekwad herself is considered a master chef in the Maratha cuisine and the pantry has a never-ending supply of mouth-watering dishes which will satiate your taste buds. Get ready for a sojourn of quiet bliss and relaxation at MadhavBagh.

Nearby Maharaja Fateh Singh Museum: The museum contains works of art collected by Maharaja Sir Saya-jiraoGaekwad III during his numerous trips out of India.

Champaner - Pavagadh Archaeological Park: Just 45 mins away from Vadodara, this UNESCO-acclaimed World Heritage Site is located in Panchmahal district.

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Address: Opp O.N.G.C. main gate, Makarpura Rd, Vadodara Cell: 09824063134, 07016370801

Email: madhavbaghbaroda@gmail.com, shivraj@madhavbagh.com



Air-conditioned rooms with modern amenities and comfortable mattresses, mini fridge, library, multi-cuisine food, corridors, garden, outdoor dining space, lounges, iron, hot water, chairs, books and toys for children, parking, TV, wifi


Rooms: 4


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