Your home away from home, the Dodhia Haveli, is a picturesque and artistically furnished

wooden heritage house situated in the very heart of Ahmedabad’s Old Quarter. To live here is like going back in time to the city’s rich cultural history when society used to live in the old city quarters called “pols”. These were built during the times of high communal tension and social unrest in the region, hundreds of

years ago. Pols are a conglomeration of houses inhabited by people and families who are linked together with caste, culture or profession. Intricately carved wooden facades with colourful exteriors, these pols were strategically built for safety during war. Since those early times, pols have evolved further and have given way to a livelier urban ambience. Most people residing in these pols belong to the cottage industry sector and can be found working in their courtyards. Surrounded by these very pols is Dodhia Haveli, a splendidly decorated haveli, easily accessible from Kalupur

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Location: Next to Goshaiji Temple, Kalupur

Contact Address:

Simandhar Swami Temple, Doshiwadi Ni Pole, Zaveriwad,

Kalupur, Ahmedabad

Tel: 09978910730, 09898618396



Bus Station (2 km) and Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport (9 km). It has two beautiful suites, all fashioned to provide guests with a holistic experience of Ahmedabad’s traditional culture. It is a small but beautiful house which will connect you to the very heart of Ahmedabad’s heritage.


You can take a walk down the lanes of Old Ahmedabad, visit the Bhadra Fort 2 km away and the Jami Masjid fort with its beautiful yellow sandstone carved with intricate details; the Kamla Nehru Zoological Garden is 3 km away; the exquisitely designed Akshardam Temple is beautifully crafted and has the only

religious water and light show in the world. Browse around the famous Manek Chowk, a bustling marketplace known for having a never-ending line of plenty food stalls, then soak up the nuances of the Sabarmati Riverfront nearby.


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