Divan’s Bungalow – born in history and still remains soaked in its beauty is one such heritage hotel near Ahmedabad airport which is a small architectural jewel in its own right. A fountain fore court, a hidden garden, and eight rooms that have been lovingly restored – making Divan’s Bungalow one of the unique and intimate budget hotels in Ahmedabad. This hotel near Ahmedabad airport is an ideal choice for travellers in search of a haven from the daily hustle and bustle of crowded Ahmedabad. One stay here will get you started on the discovery of one of the best budget hotels in Ahmedabad for ambience and authenticity !

Contact Details

Divans Bungalow,
(opposite Gaikwad Haveli)
Raikhad II,
M.B. Kadri Marg,
Ahmedabad 380 001

Phone : +91-79-2535-5428
Mobile : +91-99989-53550
Email : farzana@divansbungalow.com



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