In what looks like an otherwise brown and mellow region, the Champaner Heritage Resort stands as an oasis of lush green lawns in luxurious settings. In fact, the minute you drive in through the stately gateway of the resort, you’ll be transported to a different world — one with over 2,700 mango trees, and several species of birds. The ornate regal buildings will take your breath away! The 40-acre property was earlier the epicentre of the princely state of Bhamaria and Sonipur. When the maharaja met with an untimely death, the palace slowly fell out of use. Eventually, Bharatsinh Sarvaiya, a former police officer, bought the land from the maharani and vowed to restore it.

The palace had not been in use for over 40 years, and the main buildings were crumbling. It took Bharatsinhji several years to restore the long-lost charm of the palace while keeping the authenticity intact. For instance, some of the old mirrors and wardrobes have been installed as exquisite décor items in the renovated buildings; an old gramophone and several records have been put on display; and some interesting handwritten letters from the times gone by find pride of place in the new buildings. However, the old sinhasan (throne) chair occupies the primary space in the common area in =the Bhamariya building, reminding one of the resort’s rich history. While in Champaner Heritage Resort, there is a lot one can do — spend lazy afternoons by their pool, and go for nature walks and village visits.



Champaner-Pavagadh is the only UNESCO World Heritage Site located in Gujarat. The archaeological park is home to 114 monuments of which the Jami Masjid is the most famous. The Pavagadh hill is an important Hindu pilgrimage site. The complex is around 11 km from the resort. Dev Dam is a short walk away from the resort and provides serene environs. 

Hathni Mata Waterfall: 29 km

Ratanmahal Bear Sanctuary: 70 km

Statue of Unity: 90 km

Contact Details

Address: Vill Bhamariya,

Champaner Jambughoda Road, Tal

Dist Panchamahal, Halol

Cell: 07930061111

Email: booking@champanerheritageresort.com

Website: champanerheritageresort.com


Restaurant, swimming pool, indoor games, mango orchard, conference room; three party lawns that can accommodate 1,000 people


Rooms: 16


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