The word ‘Wankaner’ translates to ‘river bend’. The city was given the name due to its location on the Machhu River. There a few places in the city that will interest the travellers. Of these, the Ranjit Palace on the Gadhio Hills is the most impressive. Built by the Jhala Rajputs it is a treat for those who like Venetian Gothic, Mughal and Rajput architectural styles. Built on 225 acres, it was built by Maharana Raj Shri Amar Singh Ji, the last ruler of the Wankaner royals, with a sweeping view of the town below. A part of the palace has been now converted into a heritage hotel, The Royal Oasis (Moti Vadi). This was the summer retreat for the royals and is located barely 2.5 km away from the main palace complex perched atop a hill.

Brief History: Legend goes that the Wankaner town was founded by four friends, including two saints Shahbava and Nagabava. They both saved the town from different calamities at different points in time. A temple and a dargah are present in the town where devotees line up to worship the two till date.


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Wankaner Dist. Rajkot,


India 363621

tel: 02828 220 000


Opening hours: One needs to take permission to enter the palace.


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