Application is to be submitted to the Commissionerate of Tourism

Application for Registration
Under Gujarat Tourism Policy (2015-2020)

Vide Industries & Mines Department
GR No. TDC-102014-42226-S dated 24th September 2015

Note: Please Keep The Following Documents Ready Before Filling The Form.
Note: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Registration Under Gujarat Tourism Policy (2015-2020).
Note: Investor Facilitation Kit for Tourism Policy (2015 - 2020)

Section A: General Details

1. Name of Applicant / Company * :
2. Correspondence Address
Name of Authorized Person * :
Designation * :
Address * :
Village * :
Taluka * :
District * :
State * :
Pincode * :
Telephone No :
Mobile * :
Fax No :
Email ID *:
3. Permanent Address
Tick if Same as Above
Address *:
Village * :
Taluka * :
District * :
State * :
Pincode :
Telephone No :
Mobile * :
Fax No :
Email ID * :
4. Company Profile
Type of Company * :
Please provide brief details of the Directors/Partners of the Company: (Maximum 500 words only)

Section B: Project Details

Please mention type of Project * : New Tourism Unit Expansion
5. Tourism Units
5.1 Type of Project : New Tourism Unit
Have you applied for classification to Ministry of Tourism for the project ?: Yes    No
Note: Online application can be done on or visit
If Yes Select any one: Hotel Heritage Hotel Apartment Hotel Motel Convention Centre Resort Tented Accommodation
If yes provide registration Number :
Is the application for Mega Tourism Unit : Yes    No
Mega Tourism Unit means as per para 5.15 of Gujarat Tourism Policy 2015- 2020 “Tourism Units (except hotels, resorts, multiplexes & malls) capable of creating new employment of more than 150 persons with new investment of Rs. 75 Crores (excluding cost of land)”
If you belong to any of the below mentioned,
please indicate :
SC/ST Category    Women Entrepreneur    Differently-Abled    Not Applicable
5.2 Type of Project : In Case of Expansion by Existing Tourism Unit.
Type of Existing Tourism Project :
Existing Capital Investment (₹ in Lacs) :
6. Project Location Details
Address * :
Landmark* :
Survey/Plot no* :
District * :
Taluka * :
Village * :
State * :
Pincode * :
Telephone No :
Mobile * :
Fax No :
Email ID :
7. Proposed Capital Investment in the Project
Proposed Capital Investment (₹ in Lacs) * :
Particulars Proposed Cost
(₹ in Lacs) *
Expenditure Incurred Till Date
(₹ in Lacs) *
Area * in Sq. Meters
Type: Lease Rent Own
Building *
Plant & Machinery
Fixture & Furniture
Engineering Fees
Preliminary and Preoperative Expenses
Margin Money for Working Capital
Stamp Duty Paid (Mention 1st Transaction ₹ in Lacs): (Note: If paid only after 24th September, 2015)
Registration Fees Paid (Mention 1st Transaction ₹ in Lacs) : (Note: If paid only after 24th September, 2015)
Proposed Date of Commissioning of the Project *:
8. Means of Finance
Particulars Amount (₹ in Lacs)
Share Capital
Promoters/Finanace Institutions/Public
Terms Loans
Financial Institutions/Banks
Unsecured Loans
Others (If Any)
9. Proposed Employeement details
Category Existing Proposed Total
Local Outside Local Outside Local Outside
Managerial *
Supervisor *
Workers & Others *
10. Facilities
10.1 Proposed Facilities
Sr. Item Area (In Sq. Meters) Capacity
10.2 Existing Facilities
Sr. Item Existing Area (In Sq. Meters) Existing Capacity
11. Detail of incentives availed/availing under earlier scheme of Tourism Policy or any other scheme of State Government
Yes No
If yes, provide the following details:
Eligibility Certification No:
Eligiblity Date:
Present Status of the Project(s) :
The units eligible for incentives under the Policy and which have been accorded registration by the Commissioner of Tourism shall apply to the Commissioner of Tourism within 6 months, after the commencement of commercial operation.
I undertake that the statements made in the application are true to the best of my knowledge and belief.
Name and Signature of the Authorized Signatory * :

Document to be enclosed with the application

1. Proof of Identity and Address of the Company viz. *
For Identity (PAN Card Only):
For Address (Electricity bill/ Land Index Copy):
2. Certificate of Incorporation issued by RoC, MCA(if applicable)
3. On the letterhead of the company- full address of the company along with telephone no./fax no and name of authorized person duly signed by Managing Director of the company
4. Certified Copy of Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association issued by the Registrar of Companies/Partnership Agreement (if applicable)
5. Turnover details for last 3 years - Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Account for last 3 years, duly certified by CA (if applicable in case of expansion project)
For Last Year :
For Previous to Last Year :
For Previous to Previous to Last Year :