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Dandi Kutir - The Gandhi Museum

Hub(s) : Gandhinagar


Dandi Kutir is India’s Largest & Only Museum built on the life and teachings of One Man, Mahatma Gandhi. It represents Gandhi’s powerful idea of people across lines of class, gender, age and community asserting their common right to salt itself: a symbol to inspire a pluralistic society to march towards independence, Purna Swaraj.

A glimpse of Gandhi’s early life is beautifully portrayed with the help of audio- visuals. From his birth on 2nd October 1869 in Kathiawad, to his childhood when he was a shy , remarkable and unique student. It also traces his marriage to Kasturba and his experiments with youth.

Dandi Kutir Museum, Gandhinagar is kept open for the general public from January 2015 by Archaeology and Museum office under the Sports, Youth & Cultural Activities Department, Government of Gujarat. 

This museum is specially designed based on the Biography of Mahatma Gandhi-the initiator of Disobedience and nonviolent campaign for Independence of India. This museum is designed with sophisticated electronics Technology in which audio, video and 3-d visual, 360 degree shows and display is used to show varied knowledge.

This is the only museum depicting Biography of Father of the Nation- Mahatma Gandhi using Sophisticated Technology in the world.

The duration of visit is                                    01.30 hours

The museum is open for                                 Tuesday to Sunday

The timings are                                                10.30 AM to 5.00 PM 

Week- off:                                                        Monday 

Charges - Rs. 10/- for Indian Nationals and Rs. 200/- for Foreign Tourists