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Seema Darshan

Hub(s) : North Gujarat

Gujarat- A Gallant Affair 

The state of Gujarat is a vibrant mix of art, culture, traditions and lifestyle. Apart from weaving history through the handicrafts and culture, Gujarat has also mirrored as a heroic land. Seema Darshan showcases the patriotism of the soldiers, guarding the border. The spectacle witnesses, the border forces marching with pride, the tricolor fluttering high; which becomes a delightful experience. 


An Unprecedented Vision

Seema Darshan was envisioned to be a firsthand experience for the tourists to witness the difficulties and challenges faced by every jawan, standing against all odds to protect his motherland. It was in December, 2016 when the Seema Darshan Programme was inaugurated at Nadabet in Sui village of Banaskantha district which shares international border with Pakistan. This became the grand launch of this unique initiative for tourism, taken up by Gujarat Tourism and BSF jointly. It was intended to be a platform, where the tourists/visitors can experience closely the will to continually perform one's duty come what may, excellently displayed by every jawan. 


Feel the Nation's Pride and Passion 

Beyond the obvious thrill of looking across the 'fence' to another country from your homeland, a visit to 'Seema Darshan' is an eye-opener for tourists about the life of villagers living at the border. It is also an opportunity, to see the lives of the brave soldiers who safeguard our territories day and night, which otherwise is never realized. A close look into the lives of the soldiers instils in the visitors a sense of admiration and respect. It fosters the spirit of patriotism and reassures the people that they are safe and remain protected by the relentless efforts of the jawans. This encounter with the lives of the BSF soldiers, also serves as a medium for encouraging the jawans and cheering them for their ceaseless service to the nation. The morale of every soldier is boosted as the crowds cheer them, and salute their never dying spirits. It is one-of-a-kind thrill for the tourists, leaving a strong impact on the minds of the youth as well. They are inspired by the devotion of every soldier, serving the nation which ignites in them, the zest to protect the Nation's honour. 


Honour Beyond borders 

A Retreat ceremony is performed at India's side of the post. The hearts of the tourists beat with passion as the soldiers march with pride and exhibit their discipline through the parade. As the beat of the drums catches tempo, and the feet of the soldiers stamp in unison, every individual present there feels the pride and patriotism rising within and the overwhelming love for the nation. The marching, loud roars, the Tiranga flying high in sky, all give goose bumps. Tourists also have the opportunity to interact with the soldiers, who are ever ready to recount every experience, and share their tales of war and peace. This becomes a great take away for every tourist and the experience etched to their memories fora lifetime. The war weapons display also garners great attention from tourists and curates their anxiety. 


One Nation. One Emotion.

Seema Darshan is the place where two nations sharing not only the border, but also a volume of history are seen so closely.

It is the place where Courage, Peace and Prosperity all can be witnessed just as in the “Indian Tricolor”. The place the air is filled with the loud cheers of “Jai Hind, Vande Mataram”, and the nation comes together as one. We call it Seema Darshan.


Other Attractions of ‘SEEMA DARSHAN’ Programme

  • The Fusion Band performance
  • The colorful camel show
  • Bird watching activity
  • A walk through the photo gallery Projection of the movie on lives of the BSF jawans

Important Instructions:

  • Government recognized Photo ID is a must for Border Post visit
  • Kindly carry water, medicines and eatables for the tour
  • Only 600 entries are allowed for one tour date


How to get there

By road: Nadabet by Road: Suigam : 20 Kms, Vav : 59 Kms, Radhanpur : 75 Kms, Bhildi : 95 Kms, Deesa : 118 Kms, Palanpur : 145 Kms, Mehsana : 166 Kms, Gandhinagar : 223 Kms, Ahmedabad : 245 Kms

By rail: Nearest Railheads: Bhildi, Deesa and Palanpur

By air: Nearest Airport: Ahmedabad