Toran Hill Resort - Saputara

0District: Ahmedabad
Hub(s): Surat

Toran Hill Resort


At Saputara,
Dist - Dang

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Phone : +91 2631- 237226, +91 2631- 237286
Fax : +91 2631- 237286
Mobile : 9978844612
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Name : R.J Bhoshle
Mobile : 9978844612

Rating: 3 2 rating(s) & 2 review(s)

Yogesh on July 20

Rated: 1
Don’t know about stay, as whenever I tried to book it, I always get one answer. The hotel is booked! No rooms are available. This time I tried to take lunch there and it was horrible. The food quality was pathetic. Considering it run by Govt we thought it should be very cost effective with good quality. And what we got for INR 160 (which is pretty high for a Gujarati Thali) in a Gujarati Thali is 2 spoons of 3 types of vegetables. Which includes tindoda (ivy gourd), bataka (potato) and doodhi (Bottle gourd). (Not to mention these three vegetables are in ignored list of most of the people). Then we had 1 tea cup of daal and the same tea cup size of rice, 4 chapati. That’s it… The height was, there was human hairs in ivy gourd!!! I got that dish changed and the same thing was repeated in one more dish we ordered! Then we all (11 people) didn’t even try to eat ivy gourd veg. And do not even ask the test. It was worse. We literally didn’t finish and left the entire dish as it is. Even though we had to pay. The staff was not cooperative. Overall very poor impression Toran gave to us and we never want to go to Toran again.


Rated: 5