Mandavada, Junagadh

Mandavada, Junagadh
1District: Junagadh
Hub(s): Junagadh
Destination(s): Junagadh

The Mandavada fort was built in 1842 by the Nawab of Junagadh and gifted to the Kathi warrior chieftain, Bapu Hasur Wala. The fort covers an area of 5000sq. yards and is entered by three gates large enough for elephants. The interiors are decorated with brass utensils, beadwork textiles, embroideries and other handicrafts of the region. It is close to the Gir sanctuary and the historic city of Junagadh.


Dist. Junagadh
Junagadh ,
Gujarat, India .

Contact details

Phone : +91 285 466444, 642024


It is 45 minutes from Junagadh, the nearest railway station.