Kusum Vilas Palace

Hotel Kusum Vilas Palace_Chhota UdepurHotel Kusum Vilas Palace_Chhota Udepur
0District: Chhota Udaipur
Hub(s): Vadodara
  The Kusum Vilas Palace was built in the early decades of the 20th century and is an imposing building with porticoes, courtyards, 30 acres of open grounds and outhouses. The interiors are beautiful with original French furniture of the Louis XIV style, chandeliers, grand dining and drawing rooms and old billiards room.


Chotta Udaipur,
Dist. : Vadodara,

Contact details

Phone : 233577,


 It will include 10-12 rooms, a restaurant and swimming pool.


 Chotta Udaipur is around 100 kms. from Vadodara