Tanariri Festival

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At a glance

Tana Riri festival honours the story of Tana and Riri, two singers from Vadnagar who were Naagar sisters. It is said that the famous court musician of Emperor Akbar, Tansen, sang Deepak Raag so fervently that the unlit lamps were lit and he was affected with a burning fever. Knowing that only hearing the pure rendering of the Megh Malhar Raag, he headed for Vadnagar where Tana and Riri sang for him and brought him back to health. Inspired by this quality of singing, Akbar summoned them to his court but owing to the conservative norms of the community and society, rather than refusing or disobeying Akbar’s summon, these two sisters immolated themselves at Vadnagar. A samadhi is created in Vadnagar called Tana Riri Samadhi and the annual classical music festival is held near this Samadhi .

Interesting facts

Vadnagar is a showcase of Indian History comprising of an ancient fort wall, gates and the street structure. A visit to Vadnagar will take you to the days of the golden era of Gujarat- the Solanki Era and beyond.

Hiu-en-Tsiang- The Chinese scholar, a traveler refers Vadnagar as Anandpur in the 7th century A.D., as a major urban centre of Buddhist religious activities. According to a famous English historian, King Kanasen, founded Vadnagar in 144-145 A.D. For centuries Vadnagar remained an important cultural and trading centre connected to Malwa, Saurashtra Rajputana and Deccan.

Event calendar for the next five years

Disclaimer: You are requested to check the exact dates with Gujarat Tourism office before finalising your travel plans for this festival.