Vande Matram Museum at Bhujodi

Hub(s) : Kutch



The Vande Mataram Memorial is a unique national Monument seeking to immortalize the most momentous episodes in India’s freedom struggle from British Rule.

Vande Mataram uses a combination of art; architecture and technology to create an immersive experience which helps us re-live the journey to independence first-hand.

India’s journey to independence and the sacrifices of our countrymen to attain it cannot simply be relegated to the pages of history; they need to be experienced, to be re-lived and to echo in our hearts and souls for eternity – that is what the Vande Mataram Memorial has set out to achieve.

Vande Mataram is a once-in-lifetime and a must-do experience for every Indian who is keen to reconnect with his roots and who seeks to renew and restore his sense of national pride and belonging.

The Vande Mataram Memorial is build by Ashapura Foundation and is located over a 12 acre complex at Bhujodi – Bhuj (Kutch), Gujarat and is a non-profit initiative of the Ashapura Group; the primary structure of the museum admeasuring over 100,000 square feet is modeled on the likeness of the “Sansad Bhavan” (the Indian Parliament Building) and was constructed over 4 years with a mélange of inputs from prominent historians, architects, sculptors and artists.  


Hiralaxmi Park: 10 am to 9 pm – Summer 10 am to 8 pm – Winter

Vande Mataram Memorial Timings: 10 am to 7 pm – Summer 10 am to 6 pm – Winter

Façade Show: 8:30 pm – Summer, 8:00 pm – Winter


Vande Mataram Memorial                                                        Hiralaxmi Memorial Craft Park

Adult Rs.100/-                                                                                    Adult Rs.50/-

Children (Below 12) Rs.20/-                                                         Children (Below 12) Rs.20/-

Senior Citizen Rs.20/-                                                                     Senior Citizen Rs.20/-

Foreigner Rs.400/-                                                                          Foreigner Rs.400/-

Divyang FREE                                                                                    Divyang FREE

Videography / Pre wedding Shoot Rs.3000/- for 3 hours (Free Green Room)



Designated parking areas are available for Visitors; free parking applies to all at the front of the Vande Mataram Memorial with the surveillance of security guards.




First Aid If you get a cut or scrape, head over to our First Aid station, located at the Admin office / Souvenir Shop / Cafeteria.


Our lockers are available for all-day in Hiralaxmi Memorial Parks.

Near Vande Mataram Memorial within the park (requires an entry ticket to the 4D Museum)

Drinking Water You will find our drinking Mineral Water Cooler in Craft Park and inside Yellow Fort.

Wheelchairs Visit our Inquiry Counter and to learn more about the services we offer guests with disabilities.


We are listening and would like to hear from you. We believe in creating lasting memories, meaning that your suggestions and feedback is invaluable to us. To find out more about the Hiralaxmi Memorial park opening hours, 4D Museum hours, Façade Show, Cafeteria, Souvenir shop and more, contact us today.

Vande Mataram Memorial

Mrs. Raginiben Vyas

Sr. Manager.

Telephone: +91-2832-650150



Interesting facts


Vande Mataram Memorial: - The Vande Mataram Memorial highlights the significant events in our freedom struggle. The memorial immortalizes 17 crucial episodes of India’s freedom struggle with the technology of 4D projections. It takes 90 minutes to visit the complete museum.


Hiralaxmi Craft Park: - A vision to restore, preserve and promote the arts of Kutch and making them accessible to people. The Park is bridge between the artisans & buyers; the response from them is overwhelming.

Yellow Fort: - The yellow fort is the replica of the Red Fort in Delhi, which includes the Gandhi Ashram (Selfie Point), Gujarat freedom fighter gallery.

Auditorium Hall

A multi-functional Auditorium Hall, with seating partially surrounding the stage, is ideally suited to conferences, concerts and cultural activities. Perfect for hosting events of a varying scale; concerts, private functions with seating for 110 viewers:


A fine dining restaurant that takes you back to the ancient era. With interiors set to impress and a cuisine, this venue is fit for Royalty, which works out to 80 seats.

Façade Show: - Façade show is grand show with full of lights and sound effects with the help of high technology projectors. Its 12 minutes of an open air show after sunset.

Bharat Mata Idol – One of India’s largest Idol of 30 Ft and weighing more than 30 tons is placed in the centre of the Memorial.

How to get there

By road: Even if you are a first time driver, you will have no problem reaching Hiralaxmi Memorial Park. From Downtown Bhuj, Follow Anjar - Bhuj Hwy/Madhapar Rd to NH341 to Bhujodi, till you see Bhujodi Bus Stop. Turn right at Bhujodi Bus Stop onto Hiralaxmi Craft Park Road. The journey is 9.5kms and shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes.

By rail: Take the Rail  to Bhuj. From there on; take an Auto rickshaw for the short remaining distance to Hiralaxmi Memorial Park.

By air: With taxi or car, head north-west, turn right towards Airport Ring Rd, Follow NH341 to Bhujodi. Turn right at Bhujodi Bus stop onto Hiralaxmi Craft Park Road, and the journey is 11.6kms should take around 25 minutes if there’s not too much traffic.