Auto World Vintage Car Museum - Ahmedabad

Hispano Suiza H6C (France - 1927)Maybach SW38 (Germany - 1937)Packard 840 (USA - 1930)Mercedes Benz 300C (Germany - 1955)Cadillac (Convertible) (USA - 1949)Rolls Royce (Silver Ghost) (England - 1923)Rolls Royce 20-25 (England - 1932)Rolls Royce (England - 1926)Lasalle (USA - 1937)Bentley 3.5 Lt. (England - 1934)Armstrong Siddley (England - 1955)Jaguar Mark V (England - 1950)Cadillac (USA- 1939)Cadillac Sixty\Buick Super (USA - 1947)Buick Eight (USA - 1935)Fiat (Italy - 1909)Ford-T (USA - 1910)Dodge Kings Way (USA - 1956)Dodge Fluid Drive (USA - 1947)Chrysler (USA - 1933)Ford "A" Roadster (USA - 1931)Chevrolet (USA - 1929)Rolls Royce (England - 1922)Sunbeam Talbot - 90 (England - 1950)Wolseley 6110 (England - 1964)Mercedes Benz-230 (Germany - 1937)Mercedes Benz-3005 (Germany - 1955)Morris Cowley (England - 1924)AC (England - 1937)
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"Auto World" is a part of one of the most important collections of Antique Vehicles, Cars, Motorcycles, Utility Vehicles, Buggies etc. built by one family over the last century. It represents several of the greatest marques of cars from all over the world, of all types and ages.

"Auto World" showcases that time of history when an automobile was not a mere means of transport but a symbol of wealth, power & style; the mighty ceremonial limousines, the romantic convertibles & the snappy Sports Cars, cars specially coach built like Railway Saloons, Horse drawn carriages, Boat tailed Wooden Speedsters, Shooting Brakes-Cars built for the rich & famous.Cars to see and be seen in.

At "Auto World", various pavilions built on acres of verdant grounds showcase more than 100 of the finest cars in the world such as Rolls-Rocyces, Bentleys, Daimlers, Langondas, Mercedeces, Maybach, Packards, Cadillacs, Buicks, Auburns, Cord, Lancias, Lincolns, Chryslers and many other distinguished makes from USA, UK & Europe. Most of the cars are coach built by renowned coach builders like Hooper, Barker, Gurney-Nutting, Fleetwood, Labaron etc. They are all hand built to individual specifications of the buyer.Here are special cars like Limousines & Grand open Tourers for ceremonial Occasions, there are convertible cars for evening drives, there are station wagons like boats as well as like a horse drawn carriage especially built for the family's evening drives in the Dastan estate.

Facilities at "Auto World" include an auditorium & souvenir shop, a cafeteria & station for fun drives in vintage cars. Witness the triumph of human creativity-the best of science & technology combined with sublime Art & Aesthetics - All at "Auto World" the largest and finest Automobile collection of India & one of the best in the world.

Visiting Charges: Rs.50 per Person
Contact Details:     
Dastan Estate,
Sardar Patel Ring Road,
Gujarat, India     
Phone:     +91 79 22820699
Fax:     +91 79 22820699
Mobile:     +91 98242 76653

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By road: Gujarat has one of the better developed road networks in India. Ahmedabad is well connected with all major cities and towns by road. Prominent bus stops are located at Gitamandir near Kalupur Railway Station and Paldi. Regular bus services are available by Gujarat state transport buses and private operators to all the major destinations of the state.

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By air: Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel airport at Ahmedabad is an international airport with direct flights to USA, UK, Singapore, Dubai and other international hubs.  Numerous domestic flights are also operational from here.