Sardar Patel National Museum - Bardoli

Hub(s) : Surat


It is situated 34 kms. from Surat. This town saw the birth of the No-Tax movement, led by Sardar Patel, in protest of the British rule under which farmers barely had enough to feed their families, let alone to pay the exorbitant taxes. It was a precursor to the Namak Satyagraha, the Salt March. The Swaraj Ashram, garden, museum, and khadi workshops, are well worth a visit, as well as the Aitihasik Ambo, a mango tree under which Gandhiji famously declared that he would settle for nothing less than independent home-rule for India. Bardoli is accessible by ST (State Transport) buses.

Name of the I/C Asst. Curator

Shri R. R. Patel

Telephone No

(O) 02622-220595 (Mo) 9898149761

Visiting Hours

10-00 to 13-30 & 14-30 to 18-00

Closed On

2nd & 4th Saturday & all Wednesdays and Government holidays

Admission Fee

Rs. 1 per visitor
Rs. 50 per foreign visitor
Rs. 1 for per student of Schools/Colleges

Rs. 100 For photography.
Rs. 500 For video camera.

How to get there

By road: Surat lies 234 km from Ahmedabad, 131km from Vadodara, and 297 km from Mumbai. Bus stations, both ST and private, are on the eastern edge of the city.

By rail: Train stations are also on the eastern edge of the city.

By air: Various domestic flights connecting metros and other major cities are operational from the Surat Airport.