Mashru weavers

Hub(s) : North Gujarat


While not as famous as Patola, nor unique to Patan, Mashru weaving is also a craft worth observing. The fabric is woven in vibrant colors from silk and cotton threads, in a satin weave, with silk on the outer face of the piece, and cotton worn close to the body. It was initially only used by Muslim men because the Islamic law prohibited pure silk, but Hindu communities too began using it later. It is used by women in some Kutchi communities to stitch garments for their dowry, and was also exported to Turkey and the Middle East. When the export market fell, the cheaper rayon replaced Mashru. Once made throughout India, including Bhuj and Surat in Gujarat, today it is woven in only a few places. There is now a revival project taking place in Tankwada ni Pol, where a group of Mashru weavers are returning to traditional designs and quality.

For more information contact Janakbha Khatiri +919979775705.

How to get there

By road: Intercity buses from Ahmedabad to Patan take 3.5 hours, and 1 hour from Mehsana. Shared jeeps are slightly quicker, but less comfortable.

By rail: The train can take you as far as Mehsana (1.5 hours). From there you will need to catch a bus to Patan.

By air: Nearest airport is Ahmedabad.