Hub(s) : North Gujarat


Mehsana is the district headquarters and the nearest town to Modhera and an ideal central location to plan out an itinerary to the surrounding areas. The town is known for its ‘Dudhsagar Dairy’ plant, a post modernist structure designed by Achyut Kanvinde and a must see for architecture enthusiasts.

Its also hard to miss on the Ahmedabad-Mehsana highway, the glorious Mehsana Jain is an important pilgrimage site for Jains in Gujarat. It is dedicated to the current tirthankar, first of the second chauvisi (string of 24) of the Jains, Bhagwan Simandhar Swami. According to Jain astronomy, the scriptures predict the existence of a planet in the north-east direction, know as Mahavideh Kshetra. It says that Bhagwan is alive there and currently preaching to the people of that world. The huge 32-foot idol sculpted in white marble was installed under the inspiration of Acharya Kailassagarsuri Maharaj Saheb in the year 2028 of the Vikram era in the Hindu Calendar (1971 AD).