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Precipitous, undulating landscape carpeted with wild grass and vegetation in-houses the Pania Wildlife Sanctuary. The ecological refuge also known by the name of Chanchai-Pania has been home to varied species of endangered and rare animals and was declared a Sanctuary in 1989. The 39.63 square kilometers sanctuary is an extended stretch of the Gir Sanctuary and the majestic lions and leopards frequently roam around this area. The Pania Wildlife refuge is differentiated from Gir to emphasize preservation of the Chinkaras and antelopes who wander around freely in the grassy region.
Patches of grassy land amidst the hilly arid areas render the area suitably for the elegant and graceful Chinkara or Indian Gazelle. Small animals like Hyena, wild cat, civet cat, antelopes bearing four horns, pangolins, and foxes are seen almost playing hide and seek with the varied species of grasses while majestic animals like mighty lions stomping around the bumpy terrain in their full glory might offer a pleasurable surprise.

The crude exuberance of nature basking the glory of the Pania Sanctuary can be best experienced during the period in between monsoon and winters. A haven for eco-tourists this center will provide you with ample treasures and diversity of nature. Drive around the small zone while coming across petite animals shying away from you or apprehend the magical aura of the royal king of jungle lazing around in the rustic wilderness.

Being a responsible nature lover is our way of showing reverence to Mother Earth, a few tips for you to remember-

  • No smoking whatsoever (cigarette butts cause many forest fires.)
  • No flash or intrusive photography (for example, don’t pluck leaves to clear a better view; reposition the camera instead.)
  • Do not carry any music system or sound making device along with you and remember to keep them switched off if you are driving around.
  • Picking plants or insects prohibited; do not remove anything from the park.
  • No quick or sudden movements to scare off wildlife.
  • Do not try going to close to the animals.
  • No pets should accompany you.
  • No littering. Trash is only to be disposed of in proper receptacles.
  • No hunting devices or other weapons should be carried, as well as used.
  • Carry lots of water.

How to get there

By road: Junagadh is 327 km from Ahmedabad, 102 km from Rajkot, and 113 km from Porbandar, and is accessible by ST bus from each of these places, as well as from other cities in Gujarat by way of Veraval and Rajkot. Bus is recommended as the best way to get to Junagadh.

By rail: Two express trains run on the Ahmedabad-Veraval line, one at night (with a rather inconvenient schedule) and one by day.  Ahmedabad is 7.5 hours away by train.  Junagadh is also on the Rajkot-Veraval line, with Rajkot 2.5 hours away, and Veraval 2 hours.