Gomti Lake

Gomti GhatGomti Lake
Hub(s) : Vadodara


According to the Mahabharata legend, Bhimsen, on a journey with Sri Krishna, carved open a small pool of fresh clean water into a great lake for the benefit of the hermitage dwellers and forest animals. Spreading over an area of 230 hectares opposite the Dakor temple, it is named after the river Gomti from Dwarka. On its banks there are dharamshalas, havelis and other buildings for lodging pilgrims.

The three main embankments of Danknath Mahadev, Kaleshwar Mahadev, Bhattji Maharaj are well known. Another important one is Makhanio Aro, known for the visit of Ranchhodji, who rested at this place on a journey from Dwarka and was offered butter with sugar by Gangabai. Many pilgrims also pay respect to the seat of a Muslim saint on the banks of lake Gomti. Today, this lake is also an attraction to go boating and feed turtles.

How to get there

By road: Dakor is in Thasra taluka of Kheda District, 43 km northeast of Anand, and 35 km east of Nadiad. Private and ST buses are available from Ahmedabad, Vadodara and Anand.

By rail: Nadiad and Anand are the nearest major railway stations. There is also a slow-train branch line terminus at Umreth, 7 km away.

By air: The nearest airport is in Vadodara- 78 km south, but the Ahmedabad airport- 90 km to the northwest, is not much further and has far more flights.