Ghogha Beach

Ghogha BeachGhogha BeachGhogha BeachGhogha BeachGhogha Beach
Hub(s) : Rajkot


Ghogha beach is an apt place to pass time watching the waves change their colour.It has a famous Kali Ka Mandir or Temple which draws lot of pilgrims during weekends. A good beach for long walks.

How to get there

By road: 18 kms from Bhavnagar. State transport buses and private luxury coaches gives an easy connectivity to Bhavnagar. It is situated 791 kms. from Mumbai via Ahmedabad and 200 kms. from Ahmedabad via the State Highway.

By rail: It is on the Western Railway Line. It is 777 kms. from Mumbai via Ahmedabad.

By air: Various domestic airlines connect Bhavnagar with Mumbai and Ahmedabad.