Wild Ass Sanctuary

Hub(s) : Kutch


This 24km national park Conservation of another precious ecosystem can be discovered at the Wild Ass Sanctuary of Little Rann. The unique white desert terrain and landscape are irresistible to tourists. Safaris by jeeps and bird watching trips during winter add to the excitement.
Being the world’s only natural habitat for wild ass, the sanctuary of course draws people to watch these magnificent creatures. However, over 4000 km sanctuary harabours a large variety of bird population. The Rann was a shallow part of the Gulf of Kutch earlier. It is formed through the process of siltation of marine estuary. During monsoon, the discharge of river and rain waters together with sea water blown up due to south west winds, the Rann becomes a vast shallow sheet of water which dries up by October, November.
Especially when the terrain becomes a wetland, birds of many flocks fly down from faraway lands to breed and nest in the peculiar landscape.

Look out for: Flamingos, Pelicans, Spoonbills, Glossy Ibis and Painted Storks etc
Be one of few to record: Houbara Bustard, Eurasian Marsh Harrier and Bee Eater
Seasons: Pre-monsoon to winter
Recommended time in the field: 2 Days
Accommodation: Bajana, Dasada, Patadi and Viramgam (45km)
Other attractions: Handicraft villages. Shankeshwar Jain temples - 100 kms