YOGASHRAM Nature Cure Center

Hub(s) : Junagadh

About us: 

Yogashram nature cure center is situated 20 kilometers away from the city of Junagadh, on the foot hills of Girnar Mountain, on the banks of Vakol river, surrounded by green meadows, peaceful pleasant and pure natures environment is the speciality of this center.

All efforts are made in this center to utilize the 5 basic elements which are beneficial for health to discard the toxins from the body and re-sensitize the life force, so that the Guest can live a joyful life

Sophisticated infrastructure in 3 acres of land, neat and clean deluxe and special rooms, 11 acres of cow-based organic farming and a wide variety of herbal remedies for the convenience of health.


According to the needs of the Guest, body detox is done by sattvik diet, proper in ratio of 5 basic elements and proper fasting. The sattvik diet given to the Guest is prepared with high standards with almost cleanliness. Pure  vegetarian, excellent, fresh and healthy diet, fresh fruits, veggies, sprouts, delicious food cooked with least amount of oil and spices is the kind of food of Yogashram.

At Yogashram, we take a holistic approach to treating our clients. We know that there are as many different types of bodies and mind as there are people and nobody is exactly like the other even if other similarities exist. Your body, mind, and soul are all interconnected and if the body is in pain, the mind and spirit react and vice versa.



Yogashram nature cure center food category:

  1. Detox diet 
  2.  Rejuvenate diet
  3. Raw diet
  4. Juice diet
  5. Special diet for weight loss
  6. Naturopathy special dish
  7. Yogashram special dish


Naturopathy treatments

  1. Massage therapy
  2. Hydrotherapy
  3. Mud therapy
  4. Acupressure
  5. Physiotherapy
  6. Gym
  7. Hydro colon therapy
  8. Shirodhara
  9. Many more alternative treatments.

Ayurvedic treatments

  1. Panchakarma
  2. Jana basti
  3. Greeva basti
  4. Kati basti
  5. Shirobasti


Yogic treatments

  1. Shatkarma
  2. Ashtangyoga
  3. Power yoga
  4. Cardio yoga 
  5. Water fall meditation
  6. Laughing yoga


Yogashram Nature cure Center,

Ishapur (Vadal)


Call: 9978628333




How to get there

By road: Junagadh Railway/ST Bus Stand 15 Kms.  Vadal Railway Station/Bus Stop 5 Kms.

By rail: Junagadh Railway/ST Bus Stand 15 Kms.  Vadal Railway Station/Bus Stop 5 Kms.

By air: Airport Ahmedabad 300 Kms. Rajkot Airport 100 Kms.