Hemachandracharya Jain Gnan Mandir

Hemachandracharya Jain Gnan Mandir
Hub(s) : North Gujarat


Hemachandracharya, renowned Jain scholar and poet, is credited with formulating Gujarati grammar. His treatise ‘Siddha Hema Shabdanushasana’, written during the rule of Siddharaj Jayasinh, is seen as a counterpart to Panini’s treatise on Sanskrit grammar. The poet built this Gnan Mandir, literally "knowledge temple", an ancient library that includes a number of ancient palm-leaf Jain manuscripts (some written in ink of gold) and literature that he wrote. Open 10am-5pm.

How to get there

By road: Intercity buses from Ahmedabad to Patan take 3.5 hours, and 1 hour from Mehsana. Shared jeeps are slightly quicker, but less comfortable.

By rail: The train can take you as far as Mehsana (1.5 hours). From there you will need to catch a bus to Patan.

By air: Nearest airport is Ahmedabad.