Narmada Mini-Parikrama

Narmada MiniparikramaMini Parikrama
Hub(s) : Vadodara


The river Narmada is one of the seven holiest rivers of Hinduism. Thus the Narmada mini-parikrama is suppose to be one of the most pious things a Hindu can do. As with all parikramas, one walks clock-wise around the river, walking from source to sea on the south bank and sea to source on the north side, so that the holy site is always on the right. Ideally the pilgrim carries no belongings and accepts gratefully whatever hospitality the universe shows along the way.

The journey is roughly 2,600 km and takes two to three years to complete. On your visit to the river, you may come across sadhus performing this sacred act. Remember that you neither have to follow their faith, nor go to their extremes, to show your appreciation for the river. Treat every moment of your time with her, Narmada, as a pilgrimage in itself. As you visit the small temples, ashrams, and holy bathing sites along the river, let in to your body the energy that is created in hers.

How to get there

By road: The Narmada river runs through Narmada district, along the border of Vadodara district, and through Bharuch district,  emptying near the city of Bharuch into the sea. There are various sites along the way, and therefore various ways to visit the river. By road: Bharuch, Rajpipla, Chanod, and Dabhoi are accessible by buses. The Sardar Sarovar dam site can be reached by private vehicle.

By rail: Bharuch is the nearest railway station.

By air: The closest airport is at Vadodara.