Mud Work

0District : Ahmedabad
Hub(s) : Vadodara, Kutch

Clay craft is ingrained deeply into Gujarat’s ancient tradition and since then has continued to enchant the world. Gujarat is known for its Terracotta, mud mirror work which has both scared as well as aesthetic appeal. The wet clay molded in different shapes and sizes is an, artistic expression of the vision and correlation of the society. Clay craft is also known in Gujrat as Contemprary Mud work in which, attractive wall pieces with small mirrors are made in Kutch and Kheda districts of Gujarat. Traditional clay utensils like pots, Tawadi, Plates, Bowls etc.,with hand paintings are made in Kutch district. Votive Terracotta is famous of the tribals from Chhota Udaipur.


Kutch , Kheda

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