Dandi Kutir - Museum

Hub(s) : Gandhinagar


"Mahatma Gandhi - a global citizen, identity of an era. A legacy of human-centric development. A source of an unending power of the unfailing weapon of non-violence," 

This museum is specially designed based on the Biography of Mahatma Gandhi-the initiator of Disobedience and nonviolent campaign for Independence of India. This museum is designed with sophisticated electronics Technology in which audio, video and 3-d visual, 360 degree shows and display is used to show varied knowledge.

This is the only museum depicting Biography of Father of the Nation- Mahatma Gandhi using Sophisticated Technology in the world.

"Dandi Kutir. It's a pleasant feeling when the dream of creating a source of inspiration from Gandhi's life to the young-generation through modern science and technology is coming true. It would be satisfactory doing work of human welfare if the life of pujya (respected) Bapu will inspire the future generation,"

The duration of visit is                                   01.30 hours

The museum is open for                                Tuesday to Sunday

The timings are                                             10.30 AM to 5.00 PM 

Closed : Monday
Charges :  Rs. 10/- for Indian Nationals and Rs. 200/- for Foreign Tourists"

Web site:    www.dandi-kutir.com

Interesting facts

The sculptures on Gandhi depict his childhood, early life, his return to India and his role in the country's freedom struggle. 

'Dandi Kutir' is located inside a 41-metre high salt-mound as a symbol of Gandhi's famous Dandi march against the salt tax provisions imposed by the British regime in March 1930. 

How to get there

By road: Gujarat has one of the better developed road networks in India. Mahatma Mandir located at 30 kms from Ahmedabad.

By rail: Mahatma Mandir located at 30 kms from Ahmedabad Railway station.

By air: Mahatma Mandir located at 20 kms from Ahmedabad international airport.

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